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The Gasparillo Children’s Home and Haven of Hope in Penal are both orphanages in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad. With covid stopping the world and Trinidad being under lockdown, many of us having the bounty to spend time with our loved ones – these 31 children in total do not have that. Looking forward to sending, vitamins, sanitary pads, school supplies, book bags, face masks, and sanitizer to both orphanages.  Help me to get these needed supplies to children in need, so that they too can feel the hope and love also! Any additional money raised will go to future initiatives and expenses.



Raised with the religious belief that every financially stable person should donate two percent of their yearly earnings to a charitable cause. Also the belief that the best time to give is when you, yourself are at a loss.  I truly believe that everyone has the ability and duty to make a positive impact, mitigating the inequities of the world. Whether it be through a smile or advocating for social and environmental sustainability.

While pursuing a Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management my passion grew. With courses such as Sustainable Tourism Practices, I was captivated to learn how I could apply in my career this passion that was instilled in me at an early age. Using my free time to feed the needy and to raise money for water conservation, earning me a Civic Engagement Award upon graduating.

Working in the Travel Industry was humbling, as I helped to connect people with other cultures and to support struggling economies. Unfortunately, I also witnessed some of the downfalls, such as over-tourism, and sex tourism, which caused negative impacts socially, environmentally, and to wildlife.

In the past I was given the opportunity to work with a contract for the United Nations. I was excited to work on this contract, as this organization has made many positive contributions. Throughout working there I encountered a lot of missionaries that were not dedicated to the UN core values, with such a large organization it is hard to maintain consistency of positive intent. As a result, I did not feel fulfilled and took a hiatus to travel. Providing me with the brief opportunity to teach English in Laos to young adults and Buddhist monks from low-income families. Upon my return, I worked for a small organization that provided habilitation for people with developmental disabilities. These jobs accorded me with invaluable insight on social issues, emerging barriers, understanding of the social service community, and how to address bridging gaps. While traveling it became a part of my itineraries to seek out orphanages and schools to support.

The goal for Explore Impact is to provide support for foundations in need throughout the world, through a small organization that upholds its core values. 



Why Support Explore Impact?

It is a small organization run by one person, no large admin and marketing spend. Supplying specific items needed in order to avoid money getting lost in transition and donating specifically to trusted organizations.


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