Camping for Newbies

Considering exploring the great outdoors? Just do it! Here’s a guide to your first camping or glamping trip. For starters, decide which option is best for you. If a sleeping bag isn’t your style, then glamping is for you. Glamping is the luxury of having above standard amenities for camping, such as a bed. I once camped with a plush sleeping bag and a foam pad underneath, woke up the next day feeling like I slept on concrete. If you are okay with roughing it and testing your limits, then you’re fit for traditional camping. 

The next step is finding your campsite, these vary from private lots, to shared grounds. If you need a regular toilet, not the ones that’s a hole going way into a dark abyss with live things crawling or flying out – then look for a site for a resort or a campsite that will give you access to full bathrooms. If you’re roughing it, I’ve used baby wipes and a portable shower bag that you fill with water and hang from a tree or can pump.

Deciding when to go camping is another factor. Summer time camping can get hot, so look for campsites that are covered under trees or near a stream for some cool comfort. If camping in the cold, be sure to cover your items in garbage bags to avoid frost, put hand warmers in your sleeping bag and eat high calorie snacks. (Another suggestion if you’re hiking to a campsite in addition to water is having mustard packets or pickle juice, high in sodium to keep your electrolytes balanced.) If you’re glamping in cold weather look for a tent with a wood stove inside, this doubles as a furnace to keep you warm, and you can cook on it, even leave a pot with water on top to use as a humidifier. I recommend purchasing Duraflame logs, they last up to three hours, light up with a single match and are a great alternative to normal wood logs (sustainable) and emit fewer toxins. 

If you are worried about feeling disconnected, then look for a campsite not too deep in the wilderness, but I highly recommend the disconnect route. Investing in a power bank to keep all of your electronics charged, and solar powered flashlights.

The fun in camping is sitting around a crackling fire, making your food and bonding with nature!

When it comes to food, Yeti’s are the BEST for food storage, if you decide for a more affordable cooler, use gel packs to avoid melted ice getting everywhere. Bring lots of water as some streams may have run off and are possibly unsafe to drink. My breakfast go-to is eggs (cracked and seasoned at home then put in Tupperware) and turkey bacon. Lunch, I normally make a tuna sandwich and dinner is steaks or chicken wings with veggies. Sometimes my meals were not so glamorous and I ate a cup of noodles. TMI, but the cup (when empty) doubled as a bathroom room in the middle of the night for me, shhh. 

Afraid you won’t be alone during your outdoor experience? Bears will only visit if food is left out and not sealed I make sure I wear clothes that cover every inch of me and spay OFF! Deep Woods spray. 

The rule of camping is to bring in what you brought with you, so bring garbage bags and take them out with you to dispose on your way out. Remember to keep your backup chargers charged, tents zipped up, layers of clothes for all types of weather, keep on top of weather conditions and hazards. 

But, seriously camping is so much fun, pitching your tent (or settling into your glamping tent), laying in a hammock, stargazing, sitting around a fire, inhaling and exhaling fresh air etc. Telling everyone, I’ll be unreachable for x amount of time! If all of the research for finding the perfect place or planning is too much for you, contact me for guidance!

Below are some companies recommend to use for planning:

Reserve America $$

KOA $$ $$

Tentrr $$

Airbnb $$

Glamping Hub $$

Hip Camp $$ $$$$

Under Canvas $$$$$

Collective Retreats $$$$$$a

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