Tripped You About me

A New Yorker, born and raised. My mother was a an escapist, once she found a deal she would whisk me away to multi-country European bus tour or to an island for a few days. She taught me about priorities and ours was traveling. Save money for a flight, versus cable television. Build good credit so that you can attain credit cards with mileage returns. I was that child in elementary school, whom while learning about the treaty of Versailles would reminisce about walking the Versailles Palace Gardens that past summer. Growing up watching ‘Dirty Dancing’ umpteen times with my family and finding out that there were schools for hospitality. Thats when I decided what major I wanted to pursue. My professional background extends, from working with an airline, cruise sales, hotels and being a luxury travel agent. With these positions I am humbled to have had some product sampling, which I paired with my own out of pocket trips. 

My most life changing adventure was when I accepted a hotel management internship in Hong Kong. Moving solo to a foreign country is one of the most liberating things you can ever do! Over the years I have stayed at luxury five star properties where you are pampered like royalty. Conversely, I have also stayed at some cheap AF shady places that leave you curled in a corner with one eye open all night, ready to jump out of what they called a ‘bed’ and off to start day. I’ve been asked on many occasions – ‘how do I travel so often and to such exotic places?’ It’s because I have so much tenure in the travel industry and years of personal travel experience, I know how to budget! I’ve also been told – ‘Wow, you are such a daredevil, I could never do what you have done.’ Yes, you can! Be terrified and do it anyway. I have suffered from anxiety and on many times have wanted to or have actually chickened out of things. But when I look back at the moments I didn’t punk out, I reflect on how bada** they were. I want to share my journeys, tips and passions with you, would you ‘go the distance with me’ ?

A look at my humble beginnings

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